Our Founder 

Mr. Wu Wenda established Hongcheng Steel Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shengguang Hardware Co., Ltd. in the 48th year of the Republic of China. He is currently the president of Shengguang Steel Tube Group and a former vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Games, chairman of the Republic of China Badminton Association, chairman of the Taipei City Sports Association, chairman of the Asian Tug of War Association, and chairman of the Asian Light Boat Association.

The Shengguang Steel Tube Group consists of seven companies, all of which are under the control of President Wu, which are Shenggong Trade, Hongcheng Steel, Xinshengguang Investment Company, Dechang Hardware, Ningbo Dechang, Ketai Iron and Steel, and Hongcheng Vietnam. Overall excellent performance is evident, and the groups annual revenue has topped 1 billion yuan. These include Hongcheng Iron & Steel, which has been listed among the top 500 businesses in the country since 1994, and Shengguang Steel Tube Group, which is firmly established in the top spot of domestic seamless steel pipe stockiest and steel pipe sales (Service Industry-Trade-Business Weekly).

President Wu Wenda has a fantastic career and has long sponsored many government schools in China with his own money and without asking for anything in return because of his love for badminton. He is known as the Father of Badminton in Taiwans sports world because he provide badminton to all of their students. Wu has won both the 39-year-old Morning Cup and the eagerly anticipated China Cup for Chinese players worldwide. The president initiated efforts to make badminton a recognised national sport.

President Wu has made obvious contributions to the domestic sports scene outside of badminton because he believes in the power of sports and fitness. During his nine years and five months as the head of the Taipei City Sports Association, he broke a record by expanding the number of the individual sports committee from 36 to 63. With the help of the well-known tug of war, 

Taiwan has among them won the championship in international competitions several times! President Wu, who also served as the organizations founding chairman for the Republic of China Tug-of-War Association, formed the Republic of China Light Boat Association.

When he served as president of the Asian Tug-of-War Association and the Asian Light Boat Association, his impact was felt throughout the entirety of Asia. President Wu generously supported other Asian sports while investing a significant amount of effort and money in creating these two sports Olympic competitions. To assist other nations in establishing national associations and training officials and athletes, underdeveloped nations provide financial support, equipment, and even personal coaching services.

President Wu has a lifelong passion for sports, and his humanitarian efforts beyond national lines have been recognised internationally. In 1997, the Japanese government awarded him the Rising Sun Award in recognition of his dedication to the idea that passion is a universal virtue. Emperor Hirohito of Japan personally handed over the medal. This Taiwanese athlete is the first to win this medal in Asia and in 40 years. Throughout the entire world, just three people have received it.

President Wu Wenda is eloquent and courteous, and she has a caring heart. For fifty years, he has treated his staff members like family. In the first 50 years of the Shengguang Group, its self-taught and self-taught management strategy was successful and laid the foundation for the continuous operation of the Shengguang Steel Tube Group. Currently, Shengguang Steel Tube Group has transitioned from a family business to a joint stock corporation and internationalization under the direction of President Wu. We are thankful to our mentor that we are able to bring quality assured item such as Hard Iron Pipe,  Industrial Round Steel Pipe, Boiler Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Seamless Round Pipe, etc.

Manufacturing Unit

We are a leading provider of heavy-duty and durable Iron Steel Pipe, Industrial Round Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Seamless Round Pipe, Black Steel Pipe, etc. We have installed the following machines at the unit to provide the best quality products to the clients:

  • Pipe cutting, sawing, shearing, or laser cutting machines are used to cut the steel plates into desired lengths.
  • Pipe-forming machines to shape the cut steel plates into cylindrical tubes.
  • Heat treatment furnaces to control heating and cooling processes.
  • Sizing, straightening, and beveling machines

Our Workforce

We have a team of experts that plays a crucial role in designing and developing the best-quality products. They are responsible for process optimisation, selection, and development of the perfect product line. They oversee the overall manufacturing operations and coordinate with the clients to offer high-end products that meet their demands.

Reasons To Trust Us

  • Vast expertise and experience in the steel pipe manufacturing industry.
  • Committed to strict quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Conduct rigorous quality control measures to provide high-quality steel pipes.
  • Meet specific customers requirements with tailor-made solutions for various applications.
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies and equipment to improve efficiency, precision, and product quality.
  • Past track record of meeting deadlines and offering responsive customer support.

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